They did it!

Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 18/10/16 à 17:30

After a very tense season, there was everything to play last night for our Rainbow 6 squad who played their last game of season 3 Pro League. A more than important game since Vitality was trying to secure their qualification for the world championship finals. Unfortunately, ePunks took the best start while the squad seemed a bit shaky. Despite a wonderful ace coupled with a 1v3 clutch from KRiiSKO and four kills from Lion in a round to regain the advantage, Brian and company...
  • Vitality à la PGW 2016

    Vitality à la PGW 2016

    Par Team Vitality | Team Vitality | le 15/10/16 à 18:00

    Each fall, Paris celebrates the video game through its Paris Games Week. Attended by hundreds of...
  • ZiK joins Team Vitality

    ZiK joins Team Vitality

    Par Team Vitality | FIFA | le 12/10/16 à 17:15

    FIFA 17, the latest EA SPORTS game, was officially released two weeks ago. While professional...
  • Almost there!

    Almost there!

    Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 11/10/16 à 22:00

    Vitality took part in the sixth week of the Pro League tonight, facing Team PLS....

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  • Go big or stay home

    Go big or stay home

    Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 17/10/16 à 17:30

    The third season of Pro League comes to an end. After six weeks of fierce fighting, everything will be decided tonight for playoffs contenders. The three teams still able to qualify are preparing to take part in a fight without mercy with playoffs in sight. For its...
  • Our time to shine

    Our time to shine

    Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 10/10/16 à 18:00

    The third season of Pro League comes to an end and the last two nights of clashes ahead are going to be thrilling. Standings changed a lot last week and five squads are still in contention in the playoffs race. Vitality faces Team PLS tonight, a direct competitor of the...
  • Once upon a time... Steeelback

    Once upon a time... Steeelback

    Par Wolfee | League of Legends | le 05/10/16 à 17:15

    Pierre "Steeelback" Medjaldi is a French player aged just 20 years. Despite his young age, this ADC already has an impressive record and a great experience of the League of Legends scene. It all began in 2009. While he was a Call of Duty player, Steeelback was interested in...
  • Suspense continues to build

    Suspense continues to build

    Par WhiTe PenGoiN | Rainbow 6 | le 04/10/16 à 08:45

    For the 5th week of the european Pro League, Vitality faced U4X monday night. If the British team can no longer claim the qualifying for the world finals in Katowice, they had already given a headache to Epsilon or Infused in previous days, snatching a draw every time.In this...
  • Keep the momentum

    Keep the momentum

    Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 03/10/16 à 18:30

    After a very action-packed start of the season,  Vitality has an easier schedule for the 3 remaining weeks of Pro League. Despite that, our players will have to stay more focused than ever to keep the momentum going and their chances of qualification unchanged. For...
  • RocKy selected for ESWC 2016

    RocKy selected for ESWC 2016

    Par WhiTe PenGoiN | FIFA | le 30/09/16 à 19:45

    Paris Games Week is coming. Like every year, gamers all around Europe and France are eagerly waiting to get involved in that fantastic event regrouping hundreds of thousands of fans in Paris. For the 7th time, EA SPORTS and ESWC are organising a tournament and this is of course...
  • Ready to rumble

    Ready to rumble

    Par Vitality_Proto | FIFA | le 29/09/16 à 18:00

    Punctuated with prestigious titles and more recently whole team extending their contracts, 2015-2016 FIFA season was fantastic for Vitality. Led by Kandiisk in his manager role, the squad composed with Brian, Nino, Anthox, Rocky and Danny clinched...


  • LCS Highlight #1 - Vitality Cabochard

    LCS Highlight #1 - Vitality Cabochard


  • Team Vitality -  Logo Introduction

    Team Vitality - Logo Introduction


  • Vitality, En Plein Cœur - Road To Los Angeles // Part 2 : Rédemption

    Vitality, En Plein Cœur - Road To Los Angeles // Part 2 : Rédemption