Vitality at MLG Columbus 2016

Par WhiTe PenGoiN | Gears of War | le 25/11/16 à 18:30

$ 300,000 is on the table this weekend, a record for the Gears of War series. Determined to propel his latest opus, 4th of the name, in the esports sphere, the producer of the game The Coalition has mobilized en masse this year and the offline season will kick--off with a prestigious stop at the Columbus MLG.Team Vitality, despite his failure to qualify immediately for pool play, will obviously take part in the event. The journey will start with the dangerous Open Bracket where...
  • Vitality is going to MLG Columbus

    Vitality is going to MLG Columbus

    Par Team Vitality | Gears of War | le 15/11/16 à 17:15

    A little more than two months ago, Team Vitality embarked on the competitive stage of Gears of War....
  • World champions!

    World champions!

    Par WhiTe PenGoiN | Rainbow 6 | le 15/11/16 à 15:30

    It's 10.25 pm in Katowice, on a Sunday night. A few last presses on the buttons, a ultimate hit...
  • Father and World contender at 22

    Father and World contender at 22

    Par Vitality_Proto | Rainbow 6 | le 07/11/16 à 21:00

    Always looking to expand with its entry into competitive scenes other than Call of Duty, Team...

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  • R6 Worlds Final - Season 3

    R6 Worlds Final - Season 3

    Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 12/11/16 à 18:00

    After grabing the second place in the third season of Pro League, Vitality qualified for the world championship which will be played this weekend in Poland. Schedule, various informations, stream, find everything you need in this news.After a busy season, the bee squad managed to...
  • MLG Columbus qualifier

    MLG Columbus qualifier

    Par WhiTe PenGoiN | Gears of War | le 06/11/16 à 16:00

    Update: following the defeat in the semi-final against Epsilon on the score of 7 to 5, Vitality unfortunately fails to qualify for the group stage of the MLG Columbus.With the arrival of a whole new dimension to competitive Gears of War, The Coalition has set the bar high for the...
  • Dino PC #1 Final

    Dino PC #1 Final

    Par WhiTe PenGoiN | Overwatch | le 05/11/16 à 16:30

    While you have recently discovered our Overwatch team, those players have already been together for several months. They had the opportunity to participate in several competitions, including one ending this Saturday, the Dino PC #1. After making their way into the final...
  • Vitality enters Overwatch

    Vitality enters Overwatch

    Par Team Vitality | Overwatch | le 03/11/16 à 18:00

    At Team Vitality, we are driven by a constant desire to discover new competitive scenes. On top of Call of Duty, FIFA, Gears of War, League of Legends and Rainbow Six, there are different games on which we want to play leading roles in France, Europe and even the...
  • They did it!

    They did it!

    Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 18/10/16 à 17:30

    After a very tense season, there was everything to play last night for our Rainbow 6 squad who played their last game of season 3 Pro League. A more than important game since Vitality was trying to secure their qualification for the world championship finals....
  • Go big or stay home

    Go big or stay home

    Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 17/10/16 à 17:30

    The third season of Pro League comes to an end. After six weeks of fierce fighting, everything will be decided tonight for playoffs contenders. The three teams still able to qualify are preparing to take part in a fight without mercy with playoffs in sight. For its...
  • Vitality à la PGW 2016

    Vitality à la PGW 2016

    Par Team Vitality | Team Vitality | le 15/10/16 à 18:00

    Each fall, Paris celebrates the video game through its Paris Games Week. Attended by hundreds of thousands of visitors again last year, it is also an opportunity for the Team Vitality to offer special moments with his fans through competitions, events and meetings organized in...


  • LCS Highlight #1 - Vitality Cabochard

    LCS Highlight #1 - Vitality Cabochard


  • Team Vitality -  Logo Introduction

    Team Vitality - Logo Introduction


  • Vitality, En Plein Cœur - Road To Los Angeles // Part 2 : Rédemption

    Vitality, En Plein Cœur - Road To Los Angeles // Part 2 : Rédemption