RocKy selected for ESWC 2016

Par WhiTe PenGoiN | FIFA | le 30/09/16 à 19:45

Paris Games Week is coming. Like every year, gamers all around Europe and France are eagerly waiting to get involved in that fantastic event regrouping hundreds of thousands of fans in Paris. For the 7th time, EA SPORTS and ESWC are organising a tournament and this is of course on the brand new FIFA 17 that battles will take place this october.As announced today by Oxent, 5 new players have been selected to participate and challenge the last Defending Champion, August "Agge”...
  • Ready to rumble

    Ready to rumble

    Par Vitality_Proto | FIFA | le 29/09/16 à 18:00

    Punctuated with prestigious titles and more recently whole team extending...
  • Statement regarding Launch Tournament

    Statement regarding Launch Tournament

    Par Team Vitality | Gears of War | le 29/09/16 à 14:45

    Recently, you've been able to follow our Gears of War team on their journey to Columbus and the...
  • Steeelback joins Team Vitality

    Steeelback joins Team Vitality

    Par Team Vitality | League of Legends | le 22/09/16 à 19:00

    It's no secret that the Summer Split was a disappointment for Team Vitality. After falling short...

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  • FIFA team extends contracts

    FIFA team extends contracts

    Par Team Vitality | FIFA | le 19/09/16 à 17:30

    When a season comes to an end, football and esport players are most likely to leave a team to join another. Being a combination of football and esport, you could expect that players from FIFA universe would move a lot. Fortunately for us, this won't be the case this...
  • Vitality limited the damage

    Vitality limited the damage

    Par WhiTe PenGoiN | Rainbow 6 | le 13/09/16 à 07:15

    Yesterday evening, Vitality played Epsilon in the Rainbow Six Pro League. Unfortunately, after a few rounds only, things became pretty complicated. Facing very particular conditions, our boys failed to execute their plays properly and got defeated pretty hard in the first...
  • Duel of Champions

    Duel of Champions

    Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 12/09/16 à 17:30

    Since Rainbow Six Pro League returned two weeks ago, things are going fairly well for our squad. Securing 4 points with a win and a tie against two of the best team in the League, they also showed great performance during the French Summer Cup. However, they don't have time...
  • Anything is still possible

    Anything is still possible

    Par WhiTe PenGoiN | Gears of War | le 12/09/16 à 15:30

    Fourth and penultimate qualifier for the upcoming Gears of War 4 Launch tournament was being played yesterday. Among all participating teams, only a few were still pretending to grab the 1st seed after last qualifier next week, including PuLse, Epsilon and Vitality. Thanks to a...
  • An important point

    An important point

    Par WhiTe PenGoiN | Rainbow 6 | le 05/09/16 à 21:00

    A huge battle was happening monday evening in the Pro League. The former european champion Vitality was facing the team who currently dominates the region: Team Infused. In a very important game where nobody wanted to leave precious points to their opponents, our boys needed to...
  • Clash of titans

    Clash of titans

    Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 05/09/16 à 17:45

    Rainbow Six players went back to work last monday and another day of Pro League is coming this evening. After a satisfying start against Supremacy 7 days ago, Vitality will try to maintain the momentum in their second game of the competition. Winning tonight would indeed mean a...
  • Victorious road to Paris

    Victorious road to Paris

    Par WhiTe PenGoiN | Rainbow 6 | le 04/09/16 à 18:00

    There was a lot on the line this weekend for the Rainbow Six squad. Competing into the Rainbow 6 Summer Challenge, our players wanted to erase the French Cup from their memories and claim the national title. To achieve that, they first had to beat eXes into semi-final during the...


  • LCS Highlight #1 - Vitality Cabochard

    LCS Highlight #1 - Vitality Cabochard


  • Team Vitality -  Logo Introduction

    Team Vitality - Logo Introduction


  • Vitality, En Plein Cœur - Road To Los Angeles // Part 2 : Rédemption

    Vitality, En Plein Cœur - Road To Los Angeles // Part 2 : Rédemption