• Thursday 23 March

    • The Pro League takes over

      The Pro League takes over

      Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 23/03/17 à 19:00

      The time has come. Six months after our squad competed in the Rainbow Six Pro League in Katowice, they continue to compete with the opening of the 2017 regular season. It’s a fresh start for Vitality, due to the fact that Panix and his team, who recently joined our “Bee Hive”, will...
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  • Wednesday 01 March

    • Adding more thumbs to the team

      Adding more thumbs to the team

      Par Team Vitality | Clash Royale | le 01/03/17 à 20:30

      With the recent arrival of our Clash Royale player Nemesensei, Team Vitality has stated its clear desire to put a foot-hold (or a thumb-hold in our case) on the mobile stage. Today, we would like to reinforce this desire with the recruitment of two new players, playing on the Supercell...
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  • Tuesday 28 February

    • Expanding our Rainbow Six division

      Expanding our Rainbow Six division

      Par Team Vitality | Rainbow 6 | le 28/02/17 à 19:00

      Since the launch of Rainbow 6: Siege, the relationship between Team Vitality and Ubisoft’s FPS game is only growing stronger. Participating in the game since its competitive beginning, our organization has managed to reach the highest level of competition possible, on the Xbox One platform....
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  • Monday 27 February

    • Vitality launches H1Z1 division

      Vitality launches H1Z1 division

      Par Team Vitality | Team Vitality | le 27/02/17 à 21:00

      Annonce en françaisFor several months already, Team Vitality had a foothold in the game H1Z1 through our player Gotaga, who didn't hide his interest in the game he streamed very frequently. Convinced in the potential of the game and the general public’s interest in it, we have been...
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  • Friday 17 February

    • Vitality enters the Arena

      Vitality enters the Arena

      Par Team Vitality | Clash Royale | le 17/02/17 à 20:45

      The 2016/2017 season marks a turning point for Team Vitality. Fueled by the desire to conquer new scenes, we continue to spread our reach into new territory with the arrival of Victor "Nemsensei" Ye. He will be the first player in the Team Vitality mobile division, with him being our first Clash...
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  • Saturday 11 February

    • Kalàxz at 2017 HCT Winter Playoffs

      Kalàxz at 2017 HCT Winter Playoffs

      Par WhiTe PenGoiN | Hearthstone | le 11/02/17 à 11:00

      The weekend is going to be long on Hearthstone, for the HCT Europe Winter Playoffs 2017 taking place in Paris. Qualified to the event thanks to his regular performances on the ladder, our player Kalàxz will make his best to try to finish in the top 4 of his first 2017 international event.With...
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