• Friday 17 February

    • Vitality enters the Arena

      Vitality enters the Arena

      Par Team Vitality | Clash Royale | le 17/02/17 à 20:45

      The 2016/2017 season marks a turning point for Team Vitality. Fueled by the desire to conquer new scenes, we continue to spread our reach into new territory with the arrival of Victor "Nemsensei" Ye. He will be the first player in the Team Vitality mobile division, with him being our first Clash...
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  • Saturday 11 February

    • Kalàxz at 2017 HCT Winter Playoffs

      Kalàxz at 2017 HCT Winter Playoffs

      Par WhiTe PenGoiN | Hearthstone | le 11/02/17 à 11:00

      The weekend is going to be long on Hearthstone, for the HCT Europe Winter Playoffs 2017 taking place in Paris. Qualified to the event thanks to his regular performances on the ladder, our player Kalàxz will make his best to try to finish in the top 4 of his first 2017 international event.With...
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  • Tuesday 07 February

    • Changes to our League of Legends roster

      Changes to our League of Legends roster

      Par Team Vitality | League of Legends | le 07/02/17 à 17:00

      After 3 weeks of competition in the European LCS, Team Vitality is currently ranked 4th in Group B , far below our initial expectations. Despite our desire to build a team that will perform greatly in the long run , changes now seem inevitable to us to reset the bar for our performance.Having talked...
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  • Monday 06 February

    • RocKy qualifies for Berlin

      RocKy qualifies for Berlin

      Par Vitality_Proto | League of Legends | le 06/02/17 à 17:30

      For the first time in the official FIFA 2017 season, the best FIFA 2017 European players participated this Saturday, February 4th on the major stage of the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series. The highlight of this Championship were the 4 places for the world finals in Berlin (which will take...
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  • Saturday 04 February

    • Vitality at the Rainbow 6 Invitational

      Vitality at the Rainbow 6 Invitational

      Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 04/02/17 à 15:30

      After long months of waiting, the time has finally come. Our Rainbow 6 team were invited to The Six Invitational, that will take place in Factory C in Montreal, Canada between February 3rd to 5th , and will feature a 100,000$ prize pool which FuriouSG and his teammates will try to secure.The team...
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    • RocKy at FUT Regional Final

      RocKy at FUT Regional Final

      Par WhiTe PenGoiN | FIFA | le 04/02/17 à 09:00

      The 2017 season of FIFA esport takes a step further today with the first Regional Final taking place in Paris. The best players coming from all around Europe will be battling for the continental title and a slot into the world final. Amongst them, we find Vitality RocKy who already claimed the...
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