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8 teams, 1 crown

8 teams, 1 crown

Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 2017-05-12 20:30:00

After several weeks of online qualifiers, the two squads of Vitality will take part in the final stages of the French Cup this May 13th at the Mariott Convention Center in the heart of Paris. Our players are eager to battle in this arena and will try to give everything they have in order to win the national title of this 2017 season.

For several weeks now, both squads dedicated themselves to the qualifier stages of the French Cup. If Panix and his teammates have qualified pretty easily by winning all their game, the task has been tougher for the Blacks, led by Lyloun, who have had to make their way through the Loser Bracket.



This event will be particularly important for our organization. After a tumultuous beginning of the season, it is time for us to rise again on top of the country on the Rainbow Six competitive scene to grab a title that we barely missed last season on Xbox One.

Regarding the format, the eight contenders for the title are divided into two groups of four formations, with games being played in BO2. Vitality.White are in Pool B with DeathroW, UnKnights and Dizlown while Vitality.Black are in Pool A against Millenium, AERA and Lucky7. The first two teams from each group will advance to the championship bracket. Semifinal and final are played in Bo3.



As stated previously, there is a lot at stake on the outcome of this competition, whether for the White or for the Black, who are keen to show a better face than the Gamers Assembly and pocket the national title, in particular for BiOs who will be making his last appearance under the Vitality jersey this weekend. We asked both captains Panix and Lyloun what they were expecting and how they were preparing the competition for this weekend, here are their answers:

"Right now we have our backs to the wall. The last time we were down, it was in the first season of Pro League. The level has risen, the meta changes constantly. Last year, we took the simple solution to change the roster. This time, it is not about a player, skill or behavior. We're all bogged down in the mud. At the GA, it was the first time that we weren't part of the top 3 in a french tournament. With only 3 days of training, we tried to fix our mistakes for the Pro League match against Playing Ducks, but between technical problems and lack of time, this wasn't enough.

Despite that, everyone is waiting for us, everyone knows us and all the other teams want to surprise with new stuff, different strategies, etc. The French Cup is the best to find redemption. With this roster, we aspire to be the best team in the world, but we have to become the be French team in the first place. It's time to prove it. I trust my mates. I know we're going to bounce back. I know we can reach the summits. We have the talents. We have friendship. We just need to show our best face. We will give everything in this French Cup to have no regrets. Then we are going to try to get back into the race for the world crown next week. We've been working hard in the last few weeks and we found new tricks to achieve that."

Dimitri "Panix" De Longeaux, captain of the White squad

"Following our underperformance at the GA, our first goal was to qualify for the French Cup. This being done, we set as our new objectives advancing to the final four. With all the surprises that happened during the qualifiers, games will be interesting. There are growing teams, there are also Pro League squads that already proved their great value, a lot of things can happen. It is up to us to take advantage of this situation. Plus this is our last tournament with this exact roster, so we want to give our best to finish things right, we want to do everything to make our supporters proud and represent our colors in the best way possible! We learned from our mistakes, now we are determined to show a better face than during the 2017 Gamers Assembly."

Laurie "Lyloun" Lagier, captain of the Black squad