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Adding more thumbs to the team

Adding more thumbs to the team

Par Team Vitality | Clash Royale | le 2017-03-01 20:30:00

With the recent arrival of our Clash Royale player Nemesensei, Team Vitality has stated its clear desire to put a foot-hold (or a thumb-hold in our case) on the mobile stage. Today, we would like to reinforce this desire with the recruitment of two new players, playing on the Supercell game.

Following Nemesensei’s very convincing individual performance at the ESWC World Cup, we were looking for players who are capable of producing similar results, to accompany him on team competitions. 

Thus, we are very pleased to announce the arrival of Ouahleouff and Loupanji to our Clash Royale division.



Both their individual achievements and potential had us seduced and we decided to entrust these three young players with the heavy task of representing our colors and our team on this new and upcoming scene, and showing everyone what they are capable of. 

You will have the pleasure of seeing them at work very soon, when they will play the qualifiers for the next Millennium Super Clash!

Translated by Dor