• Saturday 24 June

    • We're looking for a cook

      We're looking for a cook

      Par Team Vitality | League of Legends | le 24/06/17 à 20:00

      In order to keep improving the quality of life of our League of Legends team in Berlin, we're currently searching for a part time cook. If you think you have the necessary motivation to join us in this adventure and if you fulfill the requirements listed below, please send your resume and...
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  • Friday 23 June

    • Tactiss joins Vitality Black

      Tactiss joins Vitality Black

      Par Team Vitality | Rainbow 6 | le 23/06/17 à 19:00

      A few weeks ago, we announced the departure of our world champion BiOs. After one last great performance under our colors at the 2017 French Cup, it was time for us to say goodbye. Following that, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Quentin “Tactiss” Rousselle to Team...
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  • Thursday 15 June

    • The Pro League comes back

      The Pro League comes back

      Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 15/06/17 à 19:00

      The Pro League is coming back tonight on Rainbow 6. Our squad will face their major rivals Playing Ducks at 9:00 pm. With the new format of the championship which is now in a GSL format, two defeats are synonym of elimination. Knowing this, it will be really important to go big as soon as...
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  • Monday 22 May

    • Vitality is looking for an analyst!

      Vitality is looking for an analyst!

      Par WhiTe PenGoiN | League of Legends | le 22/05/17 à 18:30

      Following the recent addition of YamatoCannon to our League of Legends squad, we are currently begining to work hard to make sure our coaching structure is the most prepared heading into the 2017 Summer Split.In order to succeed, we are hiring an analyst to work alongside our coaching staff and...
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  • Sunday 21 May

    • Farewell Shaunz

      Farewell Shaunz

      Par Team Vitality | Team Vitality | le 21/05/17 à 18:00

      In December 2015, when we made our first steps into the League of Legends scene, we had the pleasure of being able to use Shaunz’s services as our head coach. After an emotional Spring Split and at the end of the suspenseful Summer Split, Shaunz moved up the Vitality ladder and became our Head...
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  • Friday 19 May

    • Vitality welcomes a new partner

      Vitality welcomes a new partner

      Par Team Vitality | Team Vitality | le 19/05/17 à 18:00

      Those of you who have been following Team Vitality for several years already know that streaming is a major part in our history and our structure. In the past, our players and the public have shared hundreds of hours together, on live streams.It is now time to relive those special moments with our...
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