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Expanding our Rainbow Six division

Expanding our Rainbow Six division

Par Team Vitality | Rainbow 6 | le 2017-02-28 19:00:00

Since the launch of Rainbow 6: Siege, the relationship between Team Vitality and Ubisoft’s FPS game is only growing stronger. Participating in the game since its competitive beginning, our organization has managed to reach the highest level of competition possible, on the Xbox One platform. For the 2017 year, the PC platform has become the spearhead of Ubisoft’s development and we are not going to give up showing our talent on the main stage just yet.

Therefore, we decided to field two rosters which will both have the goal of representing the team colors at the highest level globally, but at a different pace. One of the rosters will directly compete in the Pro League while the other one will continue to train in order to also play in this championship later on. 

As you might have guessed, the team that evolved on the Xbox platform has decided to make the transition to the PC platform and as you have been able to see, they have been training hard for several weeks already to make this change a success. Following the decision to part ways with Lion and the retirement of FuriouSG, who took on the role of manager, two new players will join AnthraX, BiOs and KRiSKO : Please welcome Nathan "Alive" Donday and Laurie "Lyloun" Lagier.

We would like to wish Lion the very best for the rest of his career and thank him for everything he brought to our team and the fans. We hope he will continue to shine both on and off the battlefield. Regarding FuriouSG, he did not leave our organization and decided to take on the role of the manager of the Rainbow Six division for Vitality, something we will talk about more in the future.



As for the new roster which joins our Rainbow Six division, we would like to welcome to the team French players Panix, Elemzje and Enemy, who will be accompanied by Revan and Risze. These players are already a recognized talent on the PC platform and having them play Pro League will allow Vitality to have a shot at the world title in the first season. They will of course be supported by coach Stooflex, who will work with them to further develop their talent and teamwork skills.

The E-sports Director and the new manager had some words on these recent changes:

“The forming of the Rainbow Six division at Vitality is the story of a Twitter DM that went well. I am very happy and proud that today we are fully committing to the franchise with both our historic roster, that reached the top of the Xbox scene and will do everything to replicate that success in the PC scene as well as a new French speaking led by veterans of the PC scene and will be able to compete and take Vitality to the highest level of competition this year!”

Sébastien «FuriouSG» Guérineau - Rainbox 6 Manager

“I am very pleased to see the Rainbow Six division evolving. After Ubisoft’s announcement to migrate the PC competition we sought to continue to invest in the best talent by recruiting an already established and successful squad to make up one of the best rosters in the world. At the same time, we will continue developing our world championship winning Xbox team by transitioning them to the PC platform and pushing them towards this platform switch. I wish both teams a great sucess this year.”

Kévin «Shaunz» Ghanbarzadeh - Esports Director