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Farewell kaSing

Farewell kaSing

Par Team Vitality | League of Legends | le 2016-12-18 17:30:00

When we first launched on League of Legends a year ago, we were well aware that difficult choices would eventually had to be made. Indeed, apart from the great emotions that we can live during the season, less easy decisions inevitably rhythm the life of a team.

In our young history, there is no doubt that one was the hardest to take. As a member of the original roster and the first player to ever wear Vitality colors on League of Legends during 2015 All-Star, kaSing is without a doubt a part of the history of our organization.



After a difficult Summer Split however, we decided to explore different options for the upcoming 2017 season. Despite being aware of the situation, kaSing has remained exemplary throughout the entire offseason process, driven by the professionalism he has accustomed us to during our year of collaboration.

It is with a twinge of regret that we say goodbye to him today, following our desire to recruit Hachani in the support position. We would like to express our gratitude for the work kaSing has done over the past 12 months within the organization.

We also wish him the best possible for the rest of his career, hoping to have the opportunity to face him at the highest possible level of competition as soon as possible. More than anything else, we want to say this: "Merci!".