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Farewell Shaunz

Farewell Shaunz

Par Team Vitality | Team Vitality | le 2017-05-21 18:00:00

In December 2015, when we made our first steps into the League of Legends scene, we had the pleasure of being able to use Shaunz’s services as our head coach. After an emotional Spring Split and at the end of the suspenseful Summer Split, Shaunz moved up the Vitality ladder and became our Head of esport. After 6 months of loyal service in our management, our roads separate.

Whether on the League of Legends Rift or as our Head of esport, Shaunz has been able to represent the Vitality spirit in a brilliant way. Behind his warm smile and his love for the fans and the players, he never stopped working towards achieving our competitive goals on many different titles.

However, Shaunz was also invested in other projects outside of his position in our structure. Like Vitality, these projects will continue to grow and evolve in the coming months. This advancements always require more time and energy. Shaunz couldn't extend the length of the day, so he had to make a choice.



Holding back our players and our staff from being able to choose their career path has never been the Vitality way. After discussions, we agreed with Shaunz that even though our time together has been enriching for everyone involved, he had to fly on his own. Although this separation remains a bittersweet decision for both parties, it is merely a goodbye to a friend who decided to take on a new road, towards an adventure as exciting as the one he leaves here in Vitality.

Of course, we would like to warmly thank Shaunz for all the work he had done and all the things he had accomplished within the structure. We wish him success in his future endeavors. We will obviously make sure to keep an eye on him, so that hopefully, one day, we will be able to see our paths intersect again at a tournament or an event.