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FIFA team contracts extended

FIFA team contracts extended

Par Team Vitality | FIFA | le 2017-07-05 21:00:00

With the last major tournament of the season on the horizon, the end of the 2016-2017 FIFA season is fast approaching. If RocKy could be able to perform at a level like he has shown at the London World Cup, Vitality has already been able to mark another year on EA Sports’ latest installment as a success.

With the recent Champion of France title going to our trophy case and our very first FIFA World Championship title, RocKy has represented the colors of the bee for many times. At his side, the team also contributed greatly to our success, both domestically and internationally, whether behind the scenes, with coaching and training, or in the spotlight (Anthox with a PGW title, Nino with an Xbox second place finish at e-Ligue 1).


Therefore, it is with great pride and joy that we announce today that the contracts of our 4 FIFA players have been extended until March 2018 and they will continue to represent our colors on FIFA 18 which promises to be even more esport oriented. Challenged by the arrival of many big professional football clubs, it is a real pleasure for all of us here at Vitality to be able to continue to play the leading roles and face these big renowned organizations.

We are also taking advantage of this announcement to thank the team captain Brian and our players Anthox, Nino and RocKy for trusting us for another year and a half and showing renewed confidence. The work we have done in recent years and the results we have achieved along with them opens up new horizons that we are looking forward to explore in the coming months.

Translated by Dor