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Kalàxz at 2017 HCT Winter Playoffs

Kalàxz at 2017 HCT Winter Playoffs

Par WhiTe PenGoiN | Hearthstone | le 2017-02-11 11:00:00

The weekend is going to be long on Hearthstone, for the HCT Europe Winter Playoffs 2017 taking place in Paris. Qualified to the event thanks to his regular performances on the ladder, our player Kalàxz will make his best to try to finish in the top 4 of his first 2017 international event.

With approximately 80 players battling out at the start of the day, the road to those precious tickets and the next event on the paradise-like island of Bahamas is going to be very hard. Only the best european players of the moment managed to climb their way to this tournament.





With the current meta, there will be a large variety of line-up in today's and tomorrow games, bringing a lot of heterogeneity in the tournament. Players will need to deliver regular and strong performances all day long in order to advance. Once the swiss round will be over, the remaining players will fight in a single-elimination bracket to decide the qualifying top 4.

As usual, you will be able to follow results live on our Twitter account and here.



Kalàxz vs Lifecoach: 3-2

Kalàxz vs GreenSheep: 0-3

Kalàxz vs PhoenixMarco: 1-3

Kalàxz vs Un33d: 3-2

Kalàxz vs Likeabawse: 3-2

Kalàxz vs Klotix: 2-3

Kalàxz vs Tuttek: 3-0