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Kalàxz & Windello at Arma Cup #4

Kalàxz & Windello at Arma Cup #4

Par WhiTe PenGoiN | Hearthstone | le 2017-05-13 12:15:00

From Saturday the 13th to Sunday the 14th, 16 of the best french Hearthstone players are in Rennes to battle at the Dreamhack tournament. Amongst them, the Vitality squad will try to make their way to the top 1.

As usual for this competition, players are seeded into a double elimination bracket with every game being played in Bo5. In the grand final, the player coming from loser bracket will need to win two Bo5 to win the tournament. 




1/8 final WB:

- Kalàxz vs. Drac: 3-0

- Windello vs Charon: 1-3

1/4 final WB

- Kalàxz vs Charon: 2-3

Round 1 LB:

- Windello vs Drac: 3-1

Round 2 LB:

- Kalàxz vs Vinz: 3-1

- Windello vs ShAyD: 2-3

Round 3 LB:

- Kalàxz vs Maverick: 2-3