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The Pro League comes back

The Pro League comes back

Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 2017-06-15 19:00:00

The Pro League is coming back tonight on Rainbow 6. Our squad will face their major rivals Playing Ducks at 9:00 pm. With the new format of the championship which is now in a GSL format, two defeats are synonym of elimination. Knowing this, it will be really important to go big as soon as the game begins. 

The first season of the Ubisoft championship was tumultuous for our players who had to regain their spot in the Pro League after the relegation tournament. With the beginning of the second season, it will now be time to show what they're made off. Grabbing the win against Playing Ducks will be a complicated task, but the defeat is not an option given the requirements of the championship.



During their last encounters, who took place during the unKnights tournaments, the Swedish players from Playing Ducks managed to beat Vitality. However, today might be a different story with the stakes at play getting way higher. Moreover, they recently recruited Secretly into the team and they're currently in full swing on the European scene.

Despite that, Panix and his teammates will have their word to say and will try to strike hard in the season opener to be seen as serious contenders for the title and to be feared by their opponents. During the break betwee, the two seasons, Vitality triumphed at the Coupe de France and put a lot of really hard work into their daily training. With a few hours left before the big game, now it's time to see who can bring their best to the show. The game is scheduled at 9.30 PM.