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The Pro League takes over

The Pro League takes over

Par Thomy | Rainbow 6 | le 2017-03-23 19:00:00

The time has come. Six months after our squad competed in the Rainbow Six Pro League in Katowice, they continue to compete with the opening of the 2017 regular season. It’s a fresh start for Vitality, due to the fact that Panix and his team, who recently joined our “Bee Hive”, will represent our colors in the Pro League.

The yellow and black squad has something to shake its competition. Composed of great champions, with three players who scarcely missed the world title in Poland, in parallel to the victory of Furious and his squad. the formation, led by Panix, is considered the dream team in France and many hopes rest of their shoulders. Vitality’s goal is clean this season- to dominate Europe from start to end and have a shot at a new world title. 



The Pro League slightly changed its format for this new year. Now the championship will be played in the form of two GSL Brackets in Group Stage. The Winner Bracket and Loser Bracket finalists of each group will then compete in the Playoffs, and the winner will be crowned champions of Season 1. Vitality was placed in Group B, alongside E2 Esports, Playing Ducks and PENTA. 

It is still too early to decide the possible outcome of the group, but our squad is feared by all and well determined to win this season. Revan and his team-mates will play their first match of the Pro League, representing out colors, on March 23rd, at 9:30 pm against the Russian squad of E2, a match the French must not drop in order to maintain their reputation as the leaders, but also perhaps in order to have a better shot at getting to the Playoffs.

Translated by Dor