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Rainbow 6 French Cup 2017

Rainbow 6 French Cup 2017

Par WhiTe PenGoiN | Rainbow 6 | le 2017-05-13 09:00:00

This Saturday, the best Rainbow Six: Siege teams from France are coming to Paris to battle for the national title. Amongst them, both Vitality squad will try to make their way to the top of this major french event.

Just the once will not hurt, we got lucky with the group draw and our players won't be force to fight each other during the pool phase. Thanks to that, we can hope to see 10 Vitality players in the final, even if it will be a very hard task, especially after everyone delivered a quite disappoiting performance in Poitiers during Gamers Assembly. However, our players are known for their ability to bounce back after failing, so you can expect them to come out huge today.



Schedule & Results



Vitality.White vs. AERA: 2-0

Vitality.Black vs. Dizlown: 2-0


Vitality.White vs. Vitality.Black: 2-0


Game 1:

Vitality.White vs. Deathrow: 2-0

Vitality.Black vs. Millenium: 2-0

Game 2:

Vitality.White vs. UnKnights: 2-0

Vitality.Black vs. Lucky7: 2-0

Game 3:

Vitality.White vs. Dizlown: 1-1

Vitality.Black vs. AERA: 2-0