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RocKy wins French Championship 2017

RocKy wins French Championship 2017

Par Vitality_Proto | FIFA | le 2016-12-22 19:45:00

On December 20, 2016, finals of the "eChampionnat de France" was held on the latest game from EA Sports, FIFA 17. It was one of the first major tournaments of the 2017 season and a major step in the Championship Series, taking place in a prestigious place, the mythical Parisian hall of l'Olympia.

It was in front of an overexcited crowd that the thirty-two best french players clashed in order to grab the national title and the 15 000 euros promised to the winner. Among all the great competitors attending the event, Team Vitality was proudly represented with three guys that could pretend to win it all: Nino, Brian and RocKy.


RocKy exults after his goal in the Xbox One final (Hugo Brionne/JK)


Unfortunately, despite showing great performance lately, Nino will fall early following his defeats conceded against Brian (0-1) and Vinch (1-2). Things hopefully went much better for his sidekicks. Brian managed to get out of the group stages and then face RayZiaah in the quarter-finals, thanks in part to a goal average in his favor. A match that turned in his favor and that he won 1-0 before being forced to face his brother-in-arms, Corentin "RocKy" Chevrey.

Reigning French champion at the end of the FIFA 16 season, Rocky entered the competition determined to confirm his status as the tournament's top favorite. Victorious against Rafsou (4-1), Vapor38 (3-1) and tying his game against Walkie (0-0), he first eliminated Herozia in ¼ final and then overcame his teamate Brian 3-1 at the end of a tense semi-final. Rocky then entered Xbox Final with something who could become the new french esport classico: Vitality against PSG eSports. Ligue 1's club was represented by the young and recent world champion, DaXe.



Tension was at its highest throughout a duel at the summit, which will finally turn in favor of Rocky after more than 80 minutes of play. The player put an end to the hopes of DaXe by registering the one and only goal of a clash under very high tension. Tension that will eventually go down for RocKy only once he won the Grand Final against the surprising CocoVBastos (PS4 winner), following a tight back-to-back match (2-1 for Coco in the go and 1 -0 for Rocky on return).

Performance and a high level of play which give RocKy a second consecutive major French title and qualify him for the Championship Series European finals. A bargain for this talented player who has allowed Olympia to vibrate throughout the whole evening.