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Steeelback joins Team Vitality

Steeelback joins Team Vitality

Par Team Vitality | League of Legends | le 2016-09-22 19:00:00

It's no secret that the Summer Split was a disappointment for Team Vitality. After falling short during Spring's playoffs, we still had good chances to qualify for World Championship but didn't manage to find the necessary team chemistry to achieve that goal. Despite the huge involvement of the whole team, we decided that changes had to be made before entering the 2017 season.

Thus, we're very happy to announce that Pierre "Steeelback" Mejaldi will be joining Team Vitality pending Riot approval. The french player showed great abilities in the past seasons and will be our AD carry for the upcoming 2017 season. His experience in the LCS combined with his individual skill really interested and we think that adding him to the squad will allow nice improvements on the Rift. 



"Steeelback showed great interest in our project and we're really happy to be working with him from now on. Even if the 2016 season isn't over yet, we're already working on 2017 season and we really want to have the best chance of success. After the Summer Split failure, we're more than ever driven by the desire of attending World Championship next year. Pierre shares our vision and objectives and we're sure that he will do everything he can to help the team achieve that performance. I would also like to warmly thanks Police who's been very professional despite having to deal with tough conditions. His involvement to adapt to the team and learn english has been exemplary and I wish him the best for the future."

Fabien "Neo" Devide - Owner of Team Vitality


"I'm both happy and excited to join Team Vitality. Following a disappointing season, I want more than ever to be part of 2017 World Championship and I feel it's something that I might be able to do here. Also, even if it didn't really impacted my choice, it would be fantastic to offer to french supporters the first participation of an organization from our country in World Championship since creation of LCS."

Pierre "Steeelback" Medjaldi - ADC for Team Vitality


And as good news never come single handed, we're also proud to announce that we're launching our new shop. Starting today, you'll be able to pre-order our official 2016-2017 jersey for the beginning of the saeson. Shipments are available worldwide and you can save 10€ on personalization using code "WELCOME". Hurry, it's a limited edition of just 100 pieces!