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Ultimate Team Qualifier France

Ultimate Team Qualifier France

Par Vitality_Proto | FIFA | le 2016-12-19 16:30:00

So far considered as a small part of the big cake of esport, FIFA scene is taking a new turn in recent times in its development while spreading visibility on a very large scale. On both sides, major actors of different sectors leave their imprint, each in their own way.

Three of them are coming together this week, namely Vivendi, the Canal Group and EA Sports. They are all entities with a strong reputation, and they put their professionalism and know-how to the benefit of organizing an event to be held on December 20th in the legendary venue of the Olympia: the final phase of the Qualifier France of the Fifa 17 Ultimate Team Championships Series.

A major competition, following a total of eight online qualification tournaments and where three Vitality players managed to get their ticket. Nino, Brian and Rocky will be the representatives of Team Vitality during this event where the top of the french scene is expected to deliver a great battle.




November the 20th is a milestone in the history of FIFA, and it could become one too for one of the 3 Vitality players that managed to make his way to this tournament. The stakes are high because there is a place for the European final on the table, this one preceding the grand final of this FIFA 17 season with a cash prize of 1.3 million dollars.

Nino, Brian and Rocky are all three potential winners of this "Qualifier France" and they will need unfailing support to make the entire Olympia vibrate. The appointment is therefore given at 5.40 PM for the beginning of the hostilities. Everything will be available on live broadcast by Dailymotion and Canal +.

It should be noted that the draw of the groups has already been done and that Brian and Nino will play a fratricidal duel in the first phase of the competition with Vinch, another tenor who showed his abilities especially during the E-Football League of L'Équipe 21 last season. This pool 2 promises a great show.





Group 2


Groupe 4


Complete schedule

4.30 PM - Doors opening

5.40 PM - Pool play

7.00 PM - Quarter final

10.30 PM - Grande final