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Vitality enters the Arena

Vitality enters the Arena

Par Team Vitality | Clash Royale | le 2017-02-17 20:45:00

The 2016/2017 season marks a turning point for Team Vitality. Fueled by the desire to conquer new scenes, we continue to spread our reach into new territory with the arrival of Victor "Nemsensei" Ye. He will be the first player in the Team Vitality mobile division, with him being our first Clash Royale player.

Betting on less prominent games is part of our DNA. The results we obtained on Rainbow Six and FIFA, as well as the improvment of those esport titles we participate in, strongly encourage us to continue in this direction. We believe in the upcoming growth of mobile gaming and mobile esports.

Having played the game since its release in France, Nemsensei started competing about 6 months ago. Last November, he made a splash at the Fight Arena Clash Royale, organized by Millenium, winning the tournament without losing a single Bo5.



Upon receiving our offer, Nemsensei highly valued the idea of joining an established, multi-gaming structured organization rather than staying a “lone wolf. Our new player, who was already familiar with Team Vitality, mostly through our League of Legends team, immediately decided to join us.

Nemsensei will have his first opportunity to represent his new uniform at ESWC Winter this weekend. He told us: “I hope to be able to take the first place, it would be a great gift for the many fans of the team for my first competition under Vitality, but I know it will be very difficult, the skill level will be really high.”

The competition will of course have full coverage on our website and social networks. You can also follow Nemsensei on his Twitter account.

Translated by Dor