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Vitality is looking for an analyst!

Vitality is looking for an analyst!

Par WhiTe PenGoiN | League of Legends | le 2017-05-22 18:30:00

Following the recent addition of YamatoCannon to our League of Legends squad, we are currently begining to work hard to make sure our coaching structure is the most prepared heading into the 2017 Summer Split.
In order to succeed, we are hiring an analyst to work alongside our coaching staff and allow our team to be the best rounded strategically. If you think that you have the skills listed down below, feel free to apply and we’ll take a look at your work. Please take the opportunity seriously, and send us your best applications!

What is your job exactly?

We want to hire qualified people to work with us on our journey through the League of Legends Championship Series. You will be given the task of working along our coaching staff to provide information and data that will help Vitality to improve.
Anticipating the meta, providing a quality analysis of the current strength and weaknesses of every single champion, understanding the match-ups and being able to theorycraft item building is crucial. Having some experience in the scene is valued.

What skills are required?

- Of course, spoken and written English on a near native level is necessary (how else would you be able to read this?).
- You need to be able to easily use Word and Excel. They are basic tools to provide a synthetic and readable work.
- Also, your reports will have to be intelligently and efficiently presented, in order to make the whole coaching staff more dynamic.
- You’ll have to work rigorously, and be capable of receiving precise instructions. Doing more than what we ask for is a valuable quality.
- Being able to understand a patch even faster than Scarra or LS, is something we ask for.
- Knowing the background of Vitality is required.



How should i apply?

First and foremost : CV and cover letter. In your covering letter, you’ll have to detail :
- Why you want the job and why you’re the perfect fit for it. 
- Information about your League of Legends career (either as a player, analyst or coaching experience) as well as about your general knowledge of the game and about your past work experience outside of League.
- Information about your studies, work experience and a brief explanation of your skills outside of League analysis. What are your goals, dreams and what do you see yourself working in in the future.

And because we want the most motivated applicants for this job, we also are asking you to prepare a file where you :
Make a complete analysis of a game at MSI

A synthetical and professional work is expected.

Once everything is ready, send your application [email protected].

Being hired will allow you to work with our coaching staff and to live a great LCS experience. Your work will be highlighted if well-done, and the job is paid. Keep in mind that the coaching staff is rather open-minded, do not be afraid to come and try your chance. It's not because some things do not match you will not have the right to an interview.

Good luck to all the applicants, and do your best!