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Vitality welcomes a new partner

Vitality welcomes a new partner

Par Team Vitality | Team Vitality | le 2017-05-19 18:00:00

Those of you who have been following Team Vitality for several years already know that streaming is a major part in our history and our structure. In the past, our players and the public have shared hundreds of hours together, on live streams.

It is now time to relive those special moments with our players to a whole new generation of supporters who joined us in recent months. With that in mind, we are very proud to announce our new partnership with Twitch, the essential giant of streaming.

Thanks to this partnership, all the players of Team Vitality will have the possibility to stream and interact with their fans in absolute comfort from their personal channel on Twitch. In addition to this, with the arrival of the brand new Team Vitality Twitch channel, you will have the opportunity, occasionally, to follow and witness exceptional events in Vitality’s history, as they unfold, live.



To celebrate this partnership, our H1Z1 team met in Paris to inaugurate the Vitality channel. For the next two days, our players will be bootcamping in Paris to give you, the fans, two live evening full of training and tournaments with a mix of tryharding and a good atmosphere, between French H1Z1 scrims and Champions Arena.

In order to make this event profitable to all, many gifts will be given to the professional players participating in the French H1Z1 scrims but also to all the spectators present on the livestream, as well as to the supporters of Team Vitality.

H1Z1 game keys, adidas jerseys and an OMEN by HP 15’ notebook will be given away to Team Vitality supporters, while the best players of the French H1Z1 scrims will be able to win skins that will have an overall value of more than 1400 € .

To participate in this celebration, join us tonight at 7PM CEST on!